Designing User Experiences to Increase Sales Productivity and Customer Satisfaction
Call Centers Missing Sales Opportunities Due to Inefficiency

Victoria’s Secret’s call center, a primary touch point in their customer experience, was struggling to provide an efficient and consistent customer experience. Call center reps couldn’t quickly navigate products, resulting in longer call times and customer frustration. They also didn’t have a single view of a customer’s history, resulting in missed opportunities for cross-sell and upsell. During peak seasonal surges, such as the holidays, the volume of orders and returns became unmanageable for reps, resulting in customers dropping out of the ordering process due to hold times.

New Interface Design to Support Rep Success

Twin Technologies' team of technical strategists, system architects and user interface designers created a rich and intuitive UX design for a new call center interface to help reps access all the data they needed in a single screen. Twin Technologies fully integrated the new system with the legacy systems to extend their life, while empowering the users with the latest functionality to understand their customers' purchase history and navigate the product catalog.

New Design for Rep Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Twin Technologies helped Victoria’s Secret cut through the complexity of a company-wide re-platforming, bringing clarity to their path forward. The team also ensured that the design and delivery of the project aligned fully to original business goals, introducing functionality such as product search and upsell tools to increase efficiency, decrease call times, and improve the customer experience.