Activating Experience-Driven Commerce at Under Armour
Driving Revenue Through Experience-Driven Commerce

Under Armour, one of the top sports retailers in the world, has a brand promise to make all athletes better. To deliver on this promise and grow their business, they wanted to update their disjointed, legacy commerce system.

Twin Technologies helped Under Armour turn more shoppers into buyers, and more buyers into lifelong customers, through a modern, intuitive, and personalized shopping experience.

Working hand-in-hand with the Under Armour team, Twin Technologies built a custom US and international commerce platform. Thanks to a thriving partnership, the Twin Technologies team delivered the last six revisions of the platform.

The platform has intuitive merchandising and content management capabilities, with real-time inventory updates. It is also highly available and scalable, with cross-browser UX design, and full enterprise system integration, including SAP. With modern search functionality, checkout process, and mobile experience, it gives shoppers the premium experience they expect from a top brand like Under Armour.

The systems the team developed, extended and innovated on are responsible for 12-15% of the retailer’s overall revenue in 2015.