Transforming Client Onboarding at New York Life

Our client, a top mutual insurance company, had a manual, static and costly client onboarding process. They were losing customers who became overwhelmed at the number of forms to complete, losing resources on customer service and manual processing, and risking errors in sensitive data due to manual processing.

Twin Technologies helped our client envision and create a sophisticated onboarding application. Twin Technologies worked to understand each step of the customer journey and identifying dropout triggers. They then profiled customers to provide an adaptive, guided onboarding experience to fit each individual’s persona.

Twin Technologies built a custom, next-generation onboarding application on the Adobe AEM platform. To improve the customer experience, the new onboarding application guided customers through the process, automatically providing the next question based on previous answers. To save on operation costs, the new application provided straight-through processing to ensure that client data is instantly flowed into crucial systems, with no additional processing needed.

Due to the digitization of their client onboarding process, the client due was able to save upwards of 3 million a year in operating costs, and put more resources into selling, growing the topline number 13% the first year.