Digitizing Manual Tax Disclosure Process at Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual, a Fortune 500 financial services company, had an annual tax disclosure process that was manual, complex, and not-in-good-order. This resulted in a high user dropout rate. Northwestern Mutual needed a reliable, efficient, and secure process to capture annual disclosure information from those needing to file it, including most of the senior leadership team.

Twin Technologies delivered a completely electronic guided capture solution within ten weeks. The new, intuitive, and adaptive user interface only presents the fields needed for completion based on the user’s previous answers. Captured data is now automatically processed through a review workflow, removing human error elements and eliminating processing time.

The team also improved the security of the process to protect users’ sensitive financial information. The new application yielded a 99.9% successful completion rate the following business year. Northwestern Mutual also gained a repeatable framework for operational excellence.