Empowering Campaigns with Rich and Intuitive Asset Library
100+ Teams Accessing 1000s of High Fidelity Assets

L'Oréal’s digital asset library houses thousands of high-fidelity assets for use in marketing campaigns The L'Oréal team needed a tool to allow 100+ international internal and external teams to work collaboratively with the asset library, while also ensuring that asset management was cost-effective, efficient, and secure.

Crafting a Rich and Intuitive Asset Library Interface

Twin Technologies assessed the needs of the library users, and designed an asset library interface that was rich enough to empower advanced users, and intuitive enough to help beginning users get productive quickly. The user experience design enabled cross-browser collaboration, and an enterprise-wide asset search tool.

Activating User Experience Design with New and Legacy Systems

Marrying user experience with operational experience, Twin Technologies’ design was built with L'Oréal’s legacy infrastructure in mind. They introduced new functionality while leveraging the power of existing investments, to help L'Oréal keep costs low and extend the life of the systems and assets in place.