Modernizing Claims Management
to Better Care for Employees
Paper Forms: Higher Costs, Slower Processing

When United States federal employees are injured on the job, the Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation (DFEC) helps ensure that they are provided with medical care and support for lost wages until they can return to work. With approximately 115,000 new claims every year, DFEC employees process hundreds of thousands of forms annually. Their 80 year old manual and paper process incurred heavy printing, mailing, and scanning costs for the DFEC and injured workers, and impacted the speed with which claims could be filed and processed. The DFEC decided to modernize to improve the claims process for federal workers.

Self-Service Filing. Increased Efficiency. Better Care.

Within 9 months, Twin Technologies worked with partners ASRC Federal/Inuteq and Adobe to design and develop a fully electronic and automated claims solution on the Adobe Experience Manager platform ( This intuitive, web-based portal put control of the claims management process in the hands of employees. It allows employees to file electronically, and adapts the fields and forms required based on each piece of information provided. Employees can easily grant third parties access to efficiently file supporting documentation, and digitally track their claims through to completion to overcome any bottlenecks.