Building Long Term Relationships at Global Staffing Company
Struggling to Manage and Grow Candidate Relationships

The client, an multi-billion dollar global staffing firm, placed over 11,000 employees weekly. They were struggling to build and manage long term relationships with job search candidates, who ranged from entry-level technologists to multi-million dollar lawyers. Their short term relationships with candidates directly resulted in a higher cost of operation: the upfront costs of vetting new candidates made one-time candidate placements significantly less valuable than repeat placements over the course of a candidate’s career.

This challenge was due, in part, to over a dozen diverse business units, each with their own candidates tracking system. This made it difficult for recruiters to get 360 view of each candidate, or manage long-term relationships.

Understanding the Business, Charting a Path Forward

Recognizing that they lacked internal digital expertise, the client brought in Twin Technologies to provide guidance on how to create stronger candidate relationships. The Twin team embedded itself within the organization to understand the candidate journey, organizational challenges, current architecture, and investments.

Twin created a roadmap to consolidate the disparate staffing systems into a unified technology platform that could deliver a 360 view of candidates. The new user experience included features such as mobile access to improve productivity, and unified candidate search to increase ease of use.

Twin also enabled the staffing firm for long-term success by coaching their software group through an agile transformation, and giving them the framework to deliver software more efficiently in the future.

Unifying Systems to Enable Better Candidate Relationships

The new experience designed by Twin Technologies will enable the client to build long term relationships that last over the course of candidates’ careers, instead of transactional relationships that only exist for individual placements.