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Innovation can be used for solving humanity’s most complex problems. It is our firm belief that tomorrow can be better, and the future will be amazing. This boundless optimism, and our belief in higher concepts, make us uniquely human. Acknowledgement of the human factor is central to Twin Technologies’ philosophy of “human first.”

While looking towards the future we recognize there are problems that must be solved today. We have found that Design Thinking is one of the most valuable tools that allow us to develop empathy, transcend innate biases, and evolve to better sustainable solutions.

We are pragmatists. As Bruce Lee once said, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.” We integrate design thinking with other complementary processes from the business and digital worlds. In application, we utilize design thinking, agile practices, lean methods, quantitative analysis, user experience, and market research to solve meaningful problems.

The Results.

Design Thinking has strategic value to organizations regardless of their size or the strength of their brand. The principles are agnostic. The results can be exponential. We know this to be true because we have used design thinking with diverse clients in the commercial and public sectors.

Take for example, the US Department of Labor. Using design thinking, we worked with the DoL to create a new human-centric solution for managing workers’ compensation claims. Putting humans first resulted in a solution that had both high adoption rates and superior user satisfaction scores.

In another instance, we worked with a large scale eCommerce and cloud provider to introduce design thinking principles to several levels throughout their organization and help them re-envision their sales process to build trust with their customers quicker by proving incremental value early and often.

We worked with a large financial services provider to create a mobile-first compliance solution which enabled them to achieve first-run quality of internal compliance submissions for all of their employees on the first try.

Getting It Done.

At Twin Technologies we go out into the field. Our expertise isn’t of the armchair variety. We observe before we speak. With determined grit, we roll up our sleeves to gather data and test ideas before we scale them to production. This allows us to move quickly, iterate towards a winning solution, and deliver value early and often.

Data, big or small, is our friend. Data helps us pivot and adjust as we learn more about clients’ problems. Beyond data analysis, our toolbox includes:

  • Lean, design thinking-based, user-centered rapid discovery efforts
  • Ethnography and contextual analysis
  • Rapid prototyping for concept validation, usability testing, and technical feasibility
  • Product Strategy validation using incremental experiments (lean startup)
  • Evolving and adapting enterprise-scale roadmaps (rolling wave planning)
  • Conversion optimization (testing, content, and analytics)

Humans First Isn’t Just A Sentiment.

It all starts with empathy, and our devotion to human first. When we understand our clients’ needs and their customers’ needs we can work together to solve complex and meaningful problems to bring about the amazing future we can achieve.

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