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I’m pleased to announce that we’re making our Xamarin Studio productivity add-in publicly available.

The add-in provides some missing features to Xamarin Studio which assist developers in navigating their code more effectively, making them more productive, and keeping them more focused.

The add-in is open source and can be found here:

It adds the following features to Xamarin Studio 5.x and 6.0 (the 6.0 version is WIP and will be released when Xamarin Studio 6.0 goes into beta).

  • List class members via hotkey (ordered by document location, works in XAML too)
  • Filter and jump straight to a class member
  • Hotkey for previous/next member (also works in XAML)
  • Filterable recent file history (only search for documents you’re actively working on)
  • Toggle XAML/Code-behind/ViewModel files
  • Automatically fix namespace to match current folder location (plus experimental refactoring to update all references)
  • Go To Definition+, an improved Go To Declaration implementation that can:
    • Go to actual member implementations, if the cursor is on an interface type
    • Cycle between multiple classes, if there are multiple implementors of an interface member
    • Go to a method/property on your view model from a XAML file
    • Go to an event handler in your code behind file, from a XAML file
  • Toggle class/unit test file, and go to correct method in each
  • Generate unit test for current method in implementation file

Finally, to help you get started, here is a video explaining how to use the add-in to full effect.

We welcome your comments below and your comments and feature requests on the add-in’s GitHub page.

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